Mother Temple Besakih and Volcano Tour


Tour Itineraries :

Firstly, we will invite you to visit Kerta Gosa (Hall of Justice), located in the center of Klungkung town in front of Klungkung Puputan Memorial,the building was built in 1710 by Dewa Agung the King of Klungkung. The ceiling of the hall completely covered inside with fine painting of Kamasan Style. The story of painting is The Epic of Balinese life Journey of the soul. In the center area was built Bale Kambang (Floating Hall), the ceiling full with Kamasan Painting. In the west of the hall there is Museum Semarajaya collected photos of the King and family in Balinese dress.

Second, we will stop at Besakih Mother Temple, It located in the slope of Mount Agung about 1000 meters above sea level. it was the first temple built in Bali or well known as the Mother Temple, it was built by the javanese priest Sri Danghyang Dwijendra who traveled to Bali in 8th century. Besakih Temple has big complex of temple included the family temple who add by another Javanese priest Danghyang Nirartha in 16th century. The main temple courtyard is Penataran Agung which has a triple throne called Padmasana Tiga with separate seats of the trinity gods Brahma, Wisnu and Siwa.

Third, we will stop at Mount Batur Volcano, located in Kintamani District, Bangli Regency. Penelokan Village will be the best place to see the view of Mount Batur and Batur Lake. There are many restaurant built surround the crater especially for lunch time.

Fourth, we will stop at Bali Coffee Agrotourism, here you can see Bali Coffee Processing and farming, Bali Coffee Luwak (Chi vet Cat Coffee) is a place to see various types of plantation such as coffee Arabica, coffee Robusta, pineapple, Balinese snake fruit (salak), plain Balinese potatoes, star fruit, cacao, jack fruit, durian tree and etc, experience to see how to make Balinese coffee, try the best of Balinese coffee or ginger tea with green view river valley. They sell variety of theirs original Balinese coffee products, herb oil and etc.

For the last stop, we will invite you to visit Elephant Cave (Goa Gajah), this cave was built in 11th centuries by the king of Udayana. The small river nearby, named Lua Gajah (Female Elephant). In front of the cave built place for bathing with six figures (Sapta Gangga). Inside of the temple there is a places for meditation, west side is the statue of Sri Ganesh (the god of protector), east side is three Lingam, believed one with black cloth for Wisnu Gods symbol of the water, white cloth is for Siwa Gods symbol of the air and red cloth is Brahma Gods symbol of fire.