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People have gone extremely busy running behind work and money missing out all the fun and excitement. They have no time for their family and friends and a leisure time is the one which they always long and wait for to get out of their work pressure and jump into the other world which is full of colors. Obviously, children also would like to take a break from their studies. The only way to help both are the holidays. Yes, the word sounds so good and bring your heart a fresh breath. And, what if you get the most adventure out of your holidays. Yes. One such trip where you get the most thrilling and adventurous moments that will stay back in your hearts for your entire life will be the Lombok Tour. Lombok is a beautiful island in Indonesia. It connects with part of the Sunda Islands with the Strait of Lombok separating the two islands from Bali on the west and the Strait of Alas separating them from Sumbawa on the east. On the whole, the island is a beautiful place with mountains and sea with lots of adventure.

Although, there are many beautiful places to visit in the Lombok Islands, one adventure that anyone would be excited about is the trekking to mount Rinjani. The Mount Rinjani is around 3726 metres tall from the sea level. It has so many views on the way to its peak. There are views of the sea, mountains, waterfalls and much more which will add up best moments during the trekking. The trekking to Mount Rinjani said to be one among the best locations for trekking in the whole of Southeast Asia. There are two villages named Senaru and Sembalun in the mountains which are located at a height of 600 meters and 1150 meters correspondingly from the sea level. However, it is safer to take the advice of travel agents. It is best to take the trekking package during the period of April to November which is the sunny season. The trekking packages are closed during the rainy season due to the freezing temperature at the mountain peak and also the tracks would be slippery and there are possibilities of serious danger due to the wild animals.

One other adventures that will be exciting during the tour will be the fast boat from bali to Gili and Lombok. There are fast boats available for transport from one island to the other. The Bali and Gili are small islands located on the west and east of the Lombok Islands. One could hire the fast boats to go to these islands and have a fun time with their family and friends. There are different packages available on the fast boats where you can choose from. This transport is the fastest way to transfer and sure you will enjoy them. Anyone visiting Lombok will leave their tears as memories when they return but you will have a lot thrilling memories throughout your life and stories to share with your closed ones.

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